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Presentation Of Our Lord Ukrainian Catholic Church

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Dear Fellow Parishoners,

     We have agreed to undertake a recycling project with Abitibi Consolidated, the World's Largest Newspaper Manufacturer and World's Largest Newspaper Recycler. This program is offered FREE as a community based year round paper drive.

Basically the program works as follows:
    1.  Abitibi will place a pater retriever bin on our parking lot (FREE)
    2.  Their drivers will pick up the paper (Again FREE)
    3.  Our parish will receive a monthly check for our tonnage collected.
Payment is based on the following monthly scale:
    0-3.99 tons    $5.00 per ton
    4-7.99 tons    $15.00 per ton
    8-tons or more    $20.00 per ton

The following types of paper products ARE ACCEPTABLE:
    Bond paper, copier paperGlossy junk mail and brochures
    Bulletins, flyers, newslettersIndex cards
    Carbonless formsLedger paper
    Catalogs (hard & soft covered)Magazines
    Colored PaperManila file folders and envelopes
    Computer printout paperNewspapers
    Envelopes with and without windowsPacking Paper
    Fax paper

The following types of paper products are NOT ACCEPTABLE
    Phone booksCardboard

We would appreciate it if you would bring these paper products with you when you come for church services, church activities, or when you are passing by the church, and simply deposit them in the bin. Instead of putting these products in your household trash we have an opportunity to collect these materials as a fundraiser for the church. The best thing about this project is that it will cost us nothing.
Hopefully everyone will get involved in this project.

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